Hasbro Toys

In-house prototype design work from my Summer 2017 internship at Hasbro Toys in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Working directly with play pattern designers, I was responsible for building models and MVPs for review by design, manufacturing, marketing, and licensor teams. As an intern, I had many fantastic mentors at Hasbro helping me refine my skillset and knowledge in painting, printing, model fixing, 3D scanning, and kitbashing.

I'm not able to share any of the actual prototypes I worked on, but here are some examples of the finished products that were made using prototypes that I contributed to.
Design Roles

MVP Development
Manufacturing Designer

Hasbro (In-house)
Launch Windows


Jordan Bello
Hannah Ferrill
Andy Lage
Kim Buhler
Tools Used

Fusion 360/Keyshot
3D Printing & Modelmaking
Injection Molding
CNC and Shop Machinery

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