Spin Master Toys

In-house design work for licensed and proprietary toys, primary in the Remote Control & Interactive categories.
As part of the Spin Master Wheels & Action design team, I collaborated closely with engineers, programmers, marketers, packaging designers, and manufacturers to bring prototypes of electronic toys to life. As a cross-functional internal team, we work together against tight schedules to get products green lit, and ensure we deliver on brand guidelines while achieving ideal user experience for our target market: boys from ages 4 to 6, and the parents who are buying for them.

Unfortunately, there are still many toys I've worked on or are currently working on that I can't share yet. Check back again soon!
Design Roles

Toy Concept Design
Mechanism Design
Product Visualization/Rendering
User Testing
Vendor Management

Spin Master (In-house)
Launch Windows


Too many amazing collaborators to name
Tools Used

Fusion 360/Keyshot
Adobe Creative Suite/Procreate
Figma/Google Slides

1989 Collector Batmobile $199.99

Packed with Gadgets

Featuring iconic movie gadgets like the pop-up machine guns, turbine thruster, canopy, and high-beam headlights.

Iconic Film Styling

Celebrates and showcases the fan-favorite vehicle, accurately portrayed in fine detail with a 4" Keaton Batman figure included.

Charging Batcave Base

Movie-inspired base functions as a contact-plate charger as well as a rotating and lit-up showroom stand to display the vehicle.

Grave Digger Trax $59.99

Outdoor Power

High-speed and high-acceleration motors let the Trax turn and burn on a dime, beating any competitors at the price point.

High-Skill Stunts

Precise balance and motor control reward skilled users with rear and nose wheelies, just like the Monster Jam live shows.

All-Terrain Action

Lightweight construction and EPP foam keep the unstoppable vehicle going over water.

Zero Gravity Sprint $19.99

Defy Gravity at Home

Lightweight internals and a powerful induction motor let kids and adults drive on any smooth walls or ceilings.

Competitive Price

By optimizing the controller and internals, we're able to offer this unique feature at a lean value $19.99 price point - lower than ever before.

Maximum Playtime

Beating competitive items that require barrel jacks or other uncommon chargers, the new form allows for USB-C charging - and with reduced weight, up to 20 minutes of playtime.

MEGA Megalodon $99.99

All-Terrain Titan

Suspension springs and a jointed chassis let the Mega climb over rocks and ramps with ease.

Massive Scale

The largest Spin Master RC, enabled by lightweight foam tires and super-powered brushed motors.

Revamped Controller

High-resolution potentiometers let users finely control speed and steering for older kids and kidults.

Grave Digger Ramp Champ $39.99

Remixed Iconic Style

A fresh spin on the Grave Digger character, bringing the license to an affordable indoor price point for younger kids.

Build-it-Yourself RC

Efficiently uses flat-pack construction and simple snap fits to maximize play value for box size.

Try-Me Soft Tires

Showcases the innovative SuperSoft foam tires for on-shelf affinity and lets parents know their floors are safe.

Turbo Boost Batmobile $39.99

Turbo Boost Controller

Unique controller that allows users to give their batmobile extra juice and blast through obstacles.

High-Powered Wheelie

Imitating the key movie moment, this batmobile pops onto its back wheels and provides a fun new dimesion of movement.

Movie-Inspired Thruster

Breathing LED thruster looks like the movie vehicle, as well as communicating range, charge level, and controller connection.

All-Terrain Batmobile $49.99

Water-proofed Design

Among our user's top-requested and top-selling features, for a lower price point than competitors.

Action Figure Compatible

Integrates into Spin Master's world of 4" figures and incentivizes other purchases.

Outdoor Performance Tires

Minimizes failure rate with high axles and enough torque to drive over obstacles.

AirHogs Gravitor $14.99

Lightweight EPP Chassis

Uses the body itself as a counter-rotating propellor to provide stable height-controlled flight, reducing materials and price point.

Height-Sensor Gestures

Uses a simple IR sensor to gauge when a floor or a hand is close to its top or bottom. For safety, these shut off the motor if a hand is too close.

Full Hand Control

By eliminating a controller, the user interacts fully with touch to launch Gravitor into tricks, catches, and throws. Easy to learn, hard to master.

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